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Thea Parnell / 11 days ago

On Thursday 18 February 20:00 GMT, Blend Market creator Ben Huss-Smickler and Chris Pettit-Mee will be presenting live Circuit Stream’s workshop Get Your 360 Video ready for Unity a fantastic free session perfect for all the immersive videographers out there.

Ahead of this week’s workshop, we caught up with Dejan Gajsek, Head of Marketing at Circuit Stream. We discuss Extended Reality adoption and the uptake of training in immersive technologies from companies like Circuit Stream, that offer AR/VR educational courses and training opportunities, as well as a full platform of AR/VR training, learning, and software services to help master immersive technology.

“I joined [Circuit Stream] in July 2019 and the workshops were very popular, participants in the 100’s but at the start of January 2020 we saw that rise to 1000+ registrants to our live workshops. It’s also been interesting to see how the attendee audience has expanded over time, we now have University Professors, Teachers, Software Developers, Engineers from well known blue-chip companies like Nike, BMW, YouTube, etc.; an indication that immersive technologies are being adopted across sectors with an array of use cases.

“We believe we’re seeing a rise of interest because it’s a new medium that feels unstoppable; there are more and more devices in circulation and the launch of headsets like Oculus Quest 2 makes Virtual Reality (VR) more accessible due to a lower cost of entry. Add to that, the fact that the pandemic exposed a need for applications to connect us in a more meaningful way, than say a zoom call, and we can see where immersive experiences and Extended Realities (XR) are going.

“One thing that is (still) lacking is engaging content - NOW is the time to create it! The game Half-Life Alyx showed what’s possible, and it’s not too much of a leap of the imagination to see how in a business setting this technology can create hyper-realistic training scenarios that could save lives (and millions of dollars spent on training)."

“Companies like Lockheed Martin or INVISTA (a polymer manufacturer) already use immersive technology for training and have demonstrated ROI in terms of time and cost saved. Automotive companies are using collaborative design with headsets that have human-eye resolution - and this is only a start.

“I’m curious to see the next interface, for example, Facebook’s Infinite Office. Imagine when the keyboard and mouse will become obsolete, our grandchildren will probably laugh at us when we’d show them ancient hardware like that."

If you have immersive technology skills join our market place as a creator, or if you’d like to find someone who has the skills needed to make your immersive project a reality add your brief here or talk to us and we can help you get going.

About Circuit Stream

Circuit Stream offers a full platform of AR/VR training, learning, and software services to help you master immersive technology. Established in 2015, Circuit Stream has helped over 25,000 people learn to design and develop virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

Organizations including Lockheed Martin, the US Navy, Boeing, VMWare, Global Foundries, Koch Industries, SNC Lavalin, BNBuilders, Dell, Raytheon, MSA Safety Company, Deloitte, Viaset, Hershey, the University of California Davis, the University of Victoria, New York University, and more, rely on Circuit Stream's AR/VR Learning and Training Platform.

Circuit Stream Student Spotlights

  • Matt - design artists who learned the XR skills and help made popular casino app Pokerstars VR
  • Mark - Lockheed Martin engineer turned VR Studio founder
  • Karen - Pain Alleviation / Meditation app for her mom
  • Beatriz - AR book experience - Don Quixote
  • Alden Braverman - student / jazz guitarist - developed a music production app in AR
  • Syed - Got a AR/VR job while going through the course, now runs his own company