Technology advances in the next few years will blend reality with fiction in ways that will make it impossible for us to tell what is real and what is not. It's a world where we communicate, learn, work and play in very different ways. Where immersive devices (AR and VR glasses) replace mobile phones as our primary interface because they are more convenient and help us achieve our goals in a more efficient, more accurate and more fun and friendly way.

At the same time, development tools have improved and new tools like SparkAR make creating AR and VR content much easier than it has ever been before. The large growth in demand for this kind of content as well as the number of creators who can make it is the perfect opportunity to build a matching marketplace to help the community and to accelerate AR and VR content creation and adoption.

At Blend Media we are building the world's first marketplace dedicated to the creation of immersive content in all its forms including AR, VR and 3D.

Our marketplace matches clients who have problems with people who can use AR and VR to solve the problems for the clients. It is our mission to become the number one destination for AR and VR content creation and to really help our creators to learn and profit from their skills.

This is a great opportunity to join an innovative start-up using a Lean Startup approach to solving real issues for our clients by bringing more AR and VR content into the world.


Our teams are cross-functional, self-organising and highly autonomous with a real focus on improving our products and services. You'll be reporting directly to our CTO and working with our founder, CTO and product team to solve real problems for our users and our business.

We are looking for a Software Engineer who is product minded and capable of designing and implementing any of the backend code required as we develop our product.

As we are a matching marketplace, part of this role will also be to help out with the design and implementation of the Machine Learning (ML) services required to automate as much of the matching process as possible.

You'll be responsible for working across all of our backend code-base, including payment systems, real-time chat and anything else that is required.

Our backend is written Elixir/Phoenix and runs in AWS deployed as docker containers. We use continuous delivery and have a fully automated build system that deploys to development and production environments. We utilise Test Driven Development (TDD) as well as Domain Driven Design (DDD) for all of our backend work.


  • A great engineer who cares about our products and who loves being focussed on what we can do to make our products a success.
  • 4+ years of commercial experience in any backend development language. Experience using Elixir would be ideal.
  • Advocate for the use of automated testing and use TDD to develop and release new features quickly.
  • A good knowledge of API design principles and considerations (REST/RPC etc).
  • Experience designing the data models and optimising queries for a relational database (we use PostreSQL).
  • An interest in learning and working on some of the infrastructure around AWS.
  • An interest in learning and working on creating services that use ML and NLP.


  • An interest in VR and AR and the cutting edge of these technologies as it is released.
  • Experience with computer vision, NLP or ML.
  • Knowledge of video and audio, encoding, streaming and playback.
  • Experience using AWS to deploy and scale a system.
  • Experience with basic frontend technologies such as HTML and CSS, with some grounding in Javascript.
  • Experience developing the backend for any kind of online marketplace.


If this sounds like you, get in touch with us by sending your CV to

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